Louise is Monaco's leading travel journalist. She has interviewed numerous celebrities for her Lunch with Monaco Life series, while she is best known for her acerbic restaurant reviews in  Monaco Life  which became a viral sensation.  Louise is a food & wine columnist for Monaco’s daily news site and periodical, Hello Monaco. As well as writing about the principality for publications across the globe, she is interviewed regularly about life in Monte Carlo (such as BBC Radio 4 and  CBS Broadcasting with Peter Greenberg).

Monaco’s answer to Giles Coren, Louise is at once erudite and down-to-earth. She has changed the face of the principality’s dining scene with such spellbinding style that readers and restaurateurs alike respect her."

Ian Brodie, Editor-in-Chief @ Monaco Life

Castelroc and A Culinary Heritage

“To do a Burberry: meaning to successfully revive a famous but moribund heritage name.”

I’m killing time before lunch at Le Castelroc restaurant on The Rock with the latest copy of Vogue magazine as Alexandra Schulman’s prescient words jump out at me.  I have grabbed an outdoor table beside a pretty stone folly to best admire the picture-perfect views: I gaze on one side past cannon-ball pyramids towards the royal palace and on the other side down the rocky escarpment towards the sea. No other restaurant in Monaco can rival this location. 

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Hello Monaco

In Vino Varitas: Where to weekend amongst the vines in the Var

As Benjamin Franklin famously remarked,  “the discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” I feel the same way about the Var. While tourists are busy spotting Hollywood stars in St Tropez, I prefer to dive into the hinterland to gurgle glasses of Côtes de Provence.  

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Monaco must be one of the few places in the world where it is possible to feel like a hopeless underachiever for owning neither a superyacht nor even a Ferrari. For more down-to-earth Monaco residents, solace is at hand in the knowledge that money is not a prerequisite for taste.

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The Antidote Diet

Wintertime makes me dream of sashaying down snow-furrowed slopes, clutching vin chaud in the chilly brightness of a mountain-top café terrace and most importantly hibernating in front of a log fire after stuffing myself with tartiflette.  

Tartiflette is one of my guilty winter pleasures that relishes the knowledge that it’s months before bikini season. Chock-a-block with cheese, bacon, double cream, white wine and potatoes, tartiflette is high up the calorie league table. Its only competitor is its twin sister croziflette, which swaps out the potatoes for little pasta shells.

Savoyard cuisine is the antidote diet for those who are bored to death with kale and retch at the thought of spirulina. 

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